Computer shop Franchise

How to qualify as a Franchisee

Interested franchisee must have a business oriented personality and desire to own and manage their business with great determination and ability to learn and adapt.

Who will provide the location?

The franchisee is responsible for providing the location. Once a location is found the site must be presented to us for assessment and Approval. An Ideal Location would be high traffic commercial areas specially near universities, terminals and market.

Design, layout and construction the iCafe

There will be an overall design and basic floor plan sketch provided for the outlet. The franchisee is then responsible for customizing the plan to the dimensions of the location. Any alterations in the design of the outlet are subject for approval.

Where to purchase equipment and supplies?

The franchisee is required to purchase based from t he specifications indicated in the procurement program.

How long to recover my investment?

Return of investment (ROI) depends on factors such as sales, investment and the ability of the franchisee to effectively manage their expenses. These will be further discussed during the franchisee interview and after you send your letter of intent.

How many staff do I need?

The franchisee will be required to have a minimum of three computer assistants dependingg on the size of your branch. Proper training will be provided.

How about pre-opening activities?

We will be assisting you with the orientation, acquisition of supplies and other arrangements.

What are included in the training program?

We’ll teach the staff how to properly handle your cashier/front desk and the all around technicalities that would be needed for the cafe to fully operate.

How long will it take to operate?

Upon approval of the site, if the franchisee agreement signed and all fees paid, it will take approximately a month for the branch to be fully operational.